Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Buying Guides Updated for FAQ 4.40

Just a quick note to say that I've updated all my buying guides for the latest expansions and to include any changes based on the recent FAQ 4.40. 

The buying guides are by far my most viewed blogs, with even the Scum guide getting more than double the traffic of my biggest non-guide blog.  They're entirely aimed at helping out new players who aren't sure where to start in a faction or what to buy next, with some no-nonsense recommendations on which expansions are good or bad (and why).

If that sounds like the sort of thing you're interested it, or that somebody you know might be needing, then you might want to check them out!  

As well as the expansion-by-expansion reviews I've added a new summary guide this time for which are the best value expansions...

I hope you find them useful, and I'll continue to try and keep on top of them when new expansions come out or there are major changes to the game (like FAQ/errata).


  1. Hey David!

    Why do you rate the ARC-170s so high? Is it the meta shift? The solid base platform?

    All the best!

    1. I was thinking that this morning and I'm actually going to bump it down to solid - I think I was playing favourites a bit as I love the ARC so much. it's a fair challenge!

  2. Scuurg not in the best Rebel purchases? Gozanti not in the worst Imperial purchases?!
    Punishing one is still in the best scum purchases despite being obsolete now (the cards in the pack are wrong and not all cards can be used with the ship in the box)

    1. Scurrg needs adding to Rebels.

      I think Gozanti is fine, even good value if you time it for when you're building up your TIE Swarm of models. Kallus is a good addition too, maybe best Imperial crew.

      Punishing One is FAR from obsolete, and still a great expansion - great ship, great upgrades. It would probably be my first purchase in scum if I was starting from scratch.